Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hi there parents. Well, we are down to the end of the year and we sure do have a lot of activities coming up.

The first one to be aware of is our field trip to Zion. We will be doing this on Monday, May 16. Students need to wear sturdy shoes and bring themselves plenty of water to drink. We will be hiking. Hats, sun block, and cameras are good things to bring, as well. I do have enough parents signed up to go to help out with students. It should be a lot of fun.

Remember that Reading Revolutions are due on Monday May 16.

We have our Wax Museum on Wednesday, May 18. Students will come to school dressed as their person and will meet me in the gym first thing in the morning to set up. A letter was sent home on what they were to put on their poster board. If you didn't get that letter, it is quite simple, just have them put the name of their person they are being, and write five facts about that person. Make sure the facts and the name are big enough that people can read what they have written. Family and friends may view the museum from 9:30 until 11:00.

We will be touring the Cedar Middle School on Thursday, May 19. We will ride a bus there and then will be walking back to the school.

The orchestra students will have their final concert on Tuesday, May 17. This will be at Cedar High School at 6:00.

Our Field Day will be on Monday, May 23. Watch the weather and dress appropriately. Students will be outdoors most of the day. We will be having the teachers vs. students soccer game at the end of the day.

If your child reached the Presidential level with the Reading Revolution then he/she will be going to the Canyon Park with Mrs. Payne on Tuesday, May 24th for a delicious breakfast.

Our fifth grade patriotic program will be Thursday, May 26 at 2:00 in the gym. Please come and watch your child perform. The students will need to wear a red or blue shirt on this day.

Students must have ALL of their assignments in with an 80% or better by Tuesday, May 24 to participate in the tent-a-thon on Wednesday, May 25. If your child does qualify for the tent-a-thon, they will need to know how to put up their own tent, if they bring one.

If your child is missing a library book they need to get those in immediately. If he/she can't find the book they will have to pay for it. If the book is not returned to school or paid for by the last day of school, your child will not receive his/her year book, or their promotion card, until we get the book or the money.

Please remember that school will let out at 2:30 on the last day of school.

I have really enjoyed my year with these students. It will be hard bringing it all to an end. They are all such great kids. Thanks for all of your help and support this year, I have greatly appreciated it. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi parents, I am so sorry that I haven't up-dated my blog in so long. I have completely spaced it; it is that time of year where spacing things comes very easy.

Anyways, I hope you are keeping track of your child's progress this quarter. I know that the majority of students are doing a way good job staying caught up with their assignments this quarter, but there are a select few that are not. A new progress report will be coming home next Wednesday, May 4th. Please make sure that your child is staying caught up and if they do have missing assignments, remind them to get those in as soon as possible. If they don't get their missing work into me within a two week period, the missing assignments become no make ups. This means an automatically disqualification from Worker's Holiday. I don't want this to happen for any of my students, so please help me help your child in staying caught up.

Our testing has been going well so far. We will be taking the last of our language testing today. Next Monday we start our science End of Level test. It will be taken in the afternoon at 1:00. We won't take the Math End of Level's until the following week. May 10th at 10:30 will be the first math test. So, if your child needs to still take U-Tips tests for science and math, they can. They have until next Monday for science and a week from Monday for math.

Remember that May 16th is the dead line for all Reading Revolution reports. If your child still hasn't got either report in for fourth quarter yet, they need to get busy with their reading.

We have changed our date for our fieldtrip from the 13th of May to the 19th of May. We needed to change it to a Thursday. I only have one mom that has wanted to go, so far. If anyone else would like to come, please let me know as soon as you can.

I will try to remember to keep my blog up-dated for you all, so you know what is going on for the last month of school. I can't believe it is about over; I am so sad.... Thanks so much for help this year with your child, it has been greatly appreciated. I have really enjoyed my students this year, they have been a lot of fun to teach.

Well, until next time, take care. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so sorry parents for not taking the time to up-date my blog. I have been so busy that I have, honestly just forgot about it. Anyhow, I hope all of you are doing good and are ready for this last quarter.
You should have received a progress report today. It is the first progress report for fourth quarter. Please, please, please check to see if your child has anything missing. If he/she does make sure they get those items in before the next print out, or they will become no make-ups. This means they will never get to make the assignment up.
In the next two weeks we have our Spelling Bee, our D.A.R.E graduation, the Regional Science Fair, for those students who made it, and Easter Break to look forward to. The Spelling Bee will be this Friday, April 1st at 2:45. On Friday, April 15th at 2:00 will be our D.A.R.E graduation. Starting Wed., April 20th-24th will be our Spring Break. I think we are all looking forward to a little bit of a break.
When students get back from their East Break, they will jump right into their end of level testing, so please make sure that your child is here daily, so they don't miss their end of levels.
Thank you so much for helping your child do his/her U-Tips review at home. We really try to get to the computer lab when we can and it isn't that often, so the more they can do at home, the better off he/she will be.
In each of our subjects right now, with the exception of S.S. and Science, we are doing review for end of levels. We have 3 more weeks of Science and then we will start reviewing for science, so if your child is wondering what U-Tips test to take first, have them do the Language, then Science that we have already done and then the math.
Thanks again for all you do to help me out with your child. It's been a great year, because of all of you parents. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, third quarter is now over and we will be starting fourth quarter next week. I can't believe how this year has flown by.
Students will have until Thursday, March 17th, to get any missing assignments into me, to help them qualify for Worker's Holiday. For our Worker's Holiday, we will be walking to the PE building- at SUU to swim for the morning, so make sure your child comes with their towel and swimming suit. We are asking for a $2.00 donation for the students that are qualified to go. This activity will take place on Friday, March 18. We will be walking there and back, so make sure to watch the weather and have your child dress appropriately. Make sure he/she brings a change of underwear, as well.
I hope students are getting those Science Fair projects finished up. Just a reminder that the Science Fair will be next Friday, March 25th. Parents can come view these projects any time between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.
The school musical, "School House Rock", will be this Thursday, March 17th and Friday, March 18th at 6:30 PM. If you can find some time to come see it, please do. The students will get to see the production on Friday at 2:00.
We will be having our Arts night on Thursday, March 31st. If your child is going to be in the talent show, please make sure they get their entry forms to Mrs. Leavitt by March 21st.
I really enjoyed visiting with all of you last week. Thanks for all of your help you give me and your child. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello there everyone. I just wanted to give you a heads up for Monday, Feb. 28th. If there is snow on the ground on Monday morning, please send your child to school with their winter clothing, their plastic trash bag and their hot chocolate mix. We are thinking that the storms that are predicted to happen this weekend, will leave us with enough snow for Monday, so we can do our dog sled races.
We will be taking our writing test on Wednesday, March 2nd. Please make sure your child comes to school that day. It is a mandatory test that students have to take, so it is very important that they are here on Wednesday. The only day a student could make the test up, would be on Thursday, March 3rd.
Be looking for the Science Fair rules to come home next week. I hope all the students have got some good ideas for their projects. The Science Fair will be here before we know it, so get going on those projects, if you haven't done so already.
I look forward to meeting with all of you again for SEOP's. Thanks for all of your help and support with your child. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello everyone. Just a little bit of a heads up for the next couple of days. If there is at least 2" on snow on the ground in the morning(Thurs., Feb.17th), please send your child to school with their winter wear, plastic bag and hot chocolate for our dog sled activity. If there is no snow tomorrow, we will plan on Friday afternoon for this activity, if there is even snow then. If there is no snow, what-so-ever, we will stay with the original plan of having our Worker's Holiday on Friday afternoon, instead. It will be either a movie or a game day. Students will have to choose which one they would rather go to and stay with that activity the whole time. If you are still confused and need to call me, my cell phone is 463-0441, or call me here at school at any time.

I hope all of you have received your child's progress report, along with the newsletter that was sent home today. There are a few items that need to be signed and returned to me asap. I will need the newsletter signed and returned, as well as the Three for Me slip, Science Fair permission slip and the SEOP schedule.

It is the end of the year and a lot of events and things sneak up on us, so always be sure to check the school's web site, as well as the blog, so you are informed ahead of time.

Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to visiting with all of you here in a couple of weeks. Sincerely, Mrs. Little

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, we have hit the mid-term mark for third quarter, so please make sure your child is staying caught up. The next progress report will be coming home next Wednesday, Feb. 16th. We are shooting for Friday, Feb. 18th to be our next Worker's Holiday. Be sure to look for more information in our next Newsletter.
Be looking for a Valentine list to come home in the next couple of days. If your child wants to bring in Valentines on Monday, they will need to bring one for the whole class. We will be having a small party in the afternoon, on Monday, Feb. 14th. I don't think we will need any treats for this party, though. The students will already be on a sugar high by the time we get to celebrating, I am sure.
Remember there will not be any school on Monday, Feb. 21st, due to President's Day.
On Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, Science permission slips will be coming home. They will need to be signed and returned back to school by Friday, Feb. 25th. Remember that all fifth graders are required to do the Science Fair this year. The rules and information on how to get started, if you haven't already, will be sent home the following week on Feb. 28th. I hope that if you have a science experiment that is going to take over a 3 week period to test out and do- that you have started it already, because students only have until March 25th to get the science experiment completed. We will be having our Science Fair on Friday, March 25th. Parents can come in and view experiments from 1:00-3:15.
I wanted to remind some students and parents that the first Reading Revolution for 3rd quarter is due next Wednesday.
I appreciate all the help and concern I get from parents. Keep up the good work you are doing with your children. Sincerely, Mrs. Little